I grew up as an only child in the city of Boston and dreamed of living with a big family in an antique, white New Englander, on a quiet street with neighbors who stop for chats at the stone wall. I also imagined writing novels, and I never let go of that dream.

When my youngest child was three, I decided to pursue the writing dream for real and got down to the hard work of putting words to paper. Three manuscripts and a mere ten years later, I got “the call” from my agent, telling me we had an offer for Equilibrium and making my author dream come true.

I’m now the award-winning author of three novels from Kensington Books: A Measure of Happiness, What’s Left Behind, and Equilibrium. I live in New Hampshire with my husband and our youngest offspring, in the same antique, white New Englander where my husband and I raised our three children. And yes, there’s a stone wall and neighborly chats. When I’m not reading, writing, or hunting for collectibles, you can find me climbing indoor walls, hiking outdoor trails, and pedaling upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.